Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Legacy v. The Work & The Glory

I have previously posted about my disappointment with W&G. My oldest daughter likes W&G because she thinks it has good-looking guys in it. She doesn't think Legacy has anyone attractive in it. (Remarkably high and significant standards that she has, no?) My son says that W&G is long and boring but I have not heard him offer an opinion on Legacy. I watched Legacy for the first time in several years this past weekend. Other websites contain complaints about the lame story and poor acting in Legacy as compared to W&G. I will admit that the acting in Legacy will not win high praise and the story is somewhat choppy as it follows the important events of the subject family and events in church history. However, Legacy does not disappoint me; it delivers what I expect from such a film. In addition to being at least an hour shorter than W&G (that's just my estimate as I cannot remember the running time of W&G, but Legacy is less than an hour long) and spanning a greater time period during the restoration, Legacy speaks to the spirit--something I did not get from W&G--and that is the key feature for me.

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