Friday, January 13, 2006


More Facts re global warming / World / Americas - Beware how you meddle with climate change: Information now reveals that burning fossil fuels actually help fight global warming, while living trees contribute significantly to the warming effect with methane emissions.

So does that mean I should stop shooting beavers?

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Looking for Loopholes

Mormanity: Why I've Been Distracted Lately. . .: "We gathered all our receipts and other records and then spent most of Dec. 30 with the best tithing attorney in Wisconsin, preparing for our Dec. 31 tithing settlement date. Incredibly, the best this pricey expert could do was to get our tithing down to 10% of our income..."

That Mr. Lindsay is a very funny man.

What's really amazing is that people will solicit tithing advice from strangers on the internet rather than asking their own ecclesiastical leaders. Maybe it is because no appointment is needed and the advice can be disregarded without the consequences and the pricking of conscience that may accompany the same treatment of counsel from the proper source.

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