Sunday, February 01, 2009


Hanks & Jackson: Mulish on America

In recent weeks, both Tom Hanks and Samuel L. Jackson have made remarks disparaging Mormons for their support of California's Prop 8. Hanks called Mormons "unamerican" - and later apologized for using the term unamerican - but not, apparently, for his criticism. Jackson said Mormons were not unamerican, just "misinformed." Both of these gentleman are very talented actors and because of the celebrity that talent has brought them, their voices are heard in the political arena when others are not. That's all well and good. I merely question the importance given to that voice. If a mule could play the trombone with wonderful skill, and I enjoyed listening to that trombone music, could I still enjoy the music even if the mule could also talk, and sometimes said asinine things? Sure, and I would hope the mule would keep playing. Please play on Messieurs Hanks and Jackson.

Below is an excerpt from a church statement about some of the things the church and its members do:

3. The church members are respectful of the beliefs of members of other religious denominations and we hope for the same respect for ours.
4. Often we join people of different beliefs to carry out humanitarian tasks and meet the needs of people as in the case of emergencies caused by natural disasters, delivering wheelchairs, medical shifts and delivering bags of useful school supplies.
5. Those who know us, know that our mission is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bless the lives of people. It has never been and will not be our intention to create antagonism, rather we embrace as fellow Christians all who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God the Savior of all mankind -- in spite of doctrinal differences

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